Build Season 2017

02/22/2017 6:00 PM | Anonymous

Build season, 6 weeks worth of grease, tears, and troubleshooting. During this period, we had 6 weeks to concept, design, and prototype different mechanisms for our bot. Those 6 weeks were also used to catch newer team members up to speed at how to use power tools and getting use to each other in their own respective teams. After the designing and prototyping, in the second and third week we were starting to make those components for our robot. Now, some of you might notice that I haven’t mention our robot frame yet so that we could place our well designed parts. The welding shop we went to, which is on the OTC campus, were using their time on making the best welds for our frame and when we finally got it; It was week 5. So the sixth week was a mad rush of putting all of the necessary additions onto the frame to at least make it driveable so that the drive team could wreck it. We were making good progress with us throwing on our gear holder and winch for climbing but it was already week zero and we had to pack it up. We are now working on putting together a practice robot and improving the gear catching mechanism.


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